Collective Image@Kobe

1.ロッコウサン 2.コウベビーフ 3.アカシカイキョウ 4.スーパーコウベ 5.シンボルタワー
6.ポートライナー 7.デパート 8.スマカイガン 9.ヤケイ 10.ギョウザ

This work is a combination of someone's imagined impressions of colors created from a certain landscape and the collective knowledge of photographs based on those colors.
It is a reconstruction of someone's impressions using other images.
The original landscapes are typical Kobe landscapes. I selected 10 landscapes, some of which are famous as tourist,and others that are a part of the local culture. People who are familiar with this scenery chose the colors of their impressions.And created a collage of thousands of images based on them.
1.Mt.Rokko 2.KOBE beef 3.Akashi Strait 4.Supermarket Kobe 5.Symbol tower
6.Port liner 7.Department store 8.Suma Beach 9.Night view 10.gyoza